Comet CNC-9606 Notebook

I bought this one in July 2014 in a flea market. This mini laptop has a monochrome 7″ LCD screen, a simple speaker, standard parallel printer and RS-232 ports, and a proprietary mouse port. It features a RAM Disk and nothing else for data storage.
Comet Notebook runs on 4 AA batteries, and when you switch on and press reset (my unit requires a reset to boot after switching it on) a screen of icons welcomes you. Included are a Word Editor, Spread Sheet, Databank (Contacts), Clock/Schedule (ToDo list), Communication (It requires a special synchronization software, or another Comet Notebook on the other end), Calculator, Typing (to learn typing), Games, Translator (English-Turkish), Learning (A meaningless general tutorial on computers, without giving any hints on this CNC-9606 notebook).
You can either select an icon by cursor and enter keys or press the corresponding number key of the icon (1 for Word Editor, 9 for Translator etc.). To exit an application, you need to press Esc key; however, Spread Sheet requires a reset to quit.
The Word Editor is a simple text editor in reality; no bolds, italics etc. In the Word Editor, you can print out your text by pressing Alt key (to enter menu) and P (for printer). Any standard Centronics ASCII printer will do. I used a dot-matrix printer for testing. You can save and load your documents in the menu. Just press Alt-F, select Save, press TAB-key (to be able to enter a filename), select “* new file” menu item, and enter file’s name and extension (TXT) separately. To exit, press Alt-F, select Exit, and answer the confirmation questions by pressing Y or N.
Clock Schedule application is usable. It features two of the important legs of an PIM application. On-screen help is adequate to use it efficiently.
The Spread Sheet seems so simple that I couldn’t figure it out!.. You can move throughout the cells, do some calculations (without prefixing with ‘=’), write text, and that’s all… A mouse is necessary to use the menu. A user manual would be good.
For the communication, I connected this Comet Notebook to another computer by using a Null-modem cable (2 DB-9 female connectors with cross-linked 2nd and 3rd pins, plus a GND connection over the 5th pins). I tried 300bps to 9600bps speeds on the other computer and pressed Transfer option of the Communication app. of the CNC-9606 Notebook at each bps, to see whether there is something to see. There was only a space character sent. And I was able to see echo of some of the characters typed in the other computer, which indicates the RS232C port of the Comet nulled (reversed) already maybe! So, a user guide of this Comet CNC-9606 Notebook would be good.
CNC-9606 laptop also has a DOS mode, albeit limited. You can go to DOS mode by pressing Esc key in the icon-menu mode. The valid DOS commands of Comet Laptop are as follows:
del filename.ext
copy file1.ext file2.ext
md directory
cd directory
rd directory
It’s default date was set to Jan 1, 1997, suggesting its year of manufacture: 1997
That’s all for now.
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